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Why only KATTICH


With technology, innovative design and performance as key factors, KATTICH has carved a niche in the industry as a premium brand for high-end home and kitchen appliances. Our business at KATTICH is based on product innovation and the development of kitchen appliances that are functional, stylish and family-oriented. That's why we constantly invent, design and create exceptional products while maintaining our reputation as a leading kitchen expert that puts families first. Currently, KATTICH serves European and Asian markets with its premium quality offerings, believing that German quality products have better durability and reliability. Apart from powerful local design capabilities, KATTICH has the design and development strength of Korea, Japan and other nearby countries that have advanced industrial manufacturing technology in the world. The solid scientific research strength has ensured the innovative power of KATTICH. With the solid R&D strength, KATTICH has spearheaded the formulation of national and international standards for its products.

Our hearts and thoughts are with health-conscious home cooks. We believe the kitchen is a sanctuary, a safe place to share and discover culinary creations with loved ones. For this reason, KATTICH products are carefully developed with the right technologies to give families ease and peace of mind. We are committed to keeping you and your family safe, secure and healthy at the heart of your home, your kitchen.